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Hand tools


Although it is pretty obvious that one should always use the correct screwdriver, more than one may be fitting for a screw. Particularly in the case of philips screws you might be tempted to use the first screwdriver that falls in hand, however you risk damaging the screw and/or screwdriver and thus make it impossible to remove the screw. A good rule of thumb is that the end of the screwdriver stays firmly in the screw, without play.


Although it might not seem obvious at first, the files are only supposed to be pressed down in one direction (usually forward, with the pushing motion). If unsure, run your hand across it and see in which direction it feels rougher and that is how it should act upon the material. This is not as important when using metal files on plastic, but crucial when using them on the material they were designed for, as if used incorrectly it is going to wear out. Visualization


In general it is pretty similar to using files, although it is worth mentioning that for our saws you need to put pressure when pulling, not when pushing, although that is the more common standard. In general, wood saws don’t have a prefered direction; ALWAYS check the teeth.

Tapping kit

For interior threads:

  • drill an undersized hole
  • lubrifiate the hole and tap (genrally with WD40)
  • start with the tap with the least deep thread and gradually work your way up (irrelevant in soft materials)
  • NEVER use a drill

For exterior threads:

  • use a rod the same diameter as the thread
  • lubrifiate the rod
  • hold the rod in a vise
  • NEVER use a drill