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ECOsisTEAM Minecraft Server

To join the minecraft server, we have to verify that you are on the Discord server :) Luckily, we have an automated system for that.

First, navigate over to our website. Enter your minecraft username and click Send.

Step 1

Now you will find a confirmation code on the #minecraft-codes channel on Discord. Enter it here:

Step 2

Step 3

Now you’re verified and you can join the server. (Address:, port 25565)

Step 4



NoPipes allows the construction of compact pipes and sorters. It’s developed by Clockworks and mostly lag-free. It can process up to 56 stacks per second, per pipe. Extensive documentation can be found here.


BetterBeacons adds an anti-mob functionality to beacons. Some documentation can be found here.


The waypoints plugin allows fast travel across map locations. To access it, use the /wp command.