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Communication Primer

Our main method of communication is Discord.

We strongly reccomend having at least the mobile app installed with notifications turned on and the desktop version.

Installing and setting up Discord

Install the mobile discord app from your preferred app store and ask any team member for an invite link into our server. We ask everyone to use their real name on Discord (just set your server nickname) so that we know who you are.

After you receive the Member rank you will ber able to access the entire server. It usually lasts a few minutes for an admin to confirm that you’re a member of the team :)

Note: We were previously using Slack for communication. If you haven’t yet joined the Discord server, there is an invite link on Slack.

Turning on notifications (mobile)

We strongly reccomend that you turn on notifications for the Discord application. To do so, on the mobile version, follow these steps:

  1. Open the sidebar and tap on the profile icon (bottom right)
  2. Tap ‘Notifications’
  3. Turn on ‘System Notifications’
  4. Tap ‘Tweak notification settings’
  5. Turn on all motification settings on this page. The aspect of this page depends on your phone’s manufacturer.

Seeing more messages at a time on the screen (desktop)

On the desktop app, you can enable Compact Mode. Discord will make messages look more compact and more content will fit on the screen. To enable Compact Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Click the settings icon (bottom left, near the profile picture)
  2. Go to the Appearance category
  3. Select ‘Compact’

You can also fine-tune the font size and spacing inside the Appearance category.


There are three department-specific categories and three common categories:

  • Programare - Marketing department.

  • Mecanica/Design - Programming & IT department.

  • Marketing - Marketing and Public Relations department.

  • General - Big discussions with more than one department will happen here.
    • #general is meant for any kind of team-related discussions.
    • #anunturi is used for announcements.
  • Text Channels - This category is text-only. Its main purpose (as of now) is to interact with the Cloccbot.
    • #minute is used for writing minutes.
    • #checkin is used by members to “check-in” at the workshop.
  • Random - Here goes spam and water cooler conversations.
    • There is a dedicated #muzica text channel here for using music bots.


Ranks are mostly decorative. They are used to denote a member’s role in the team.

  • Member: has full access to the server
  • Programare, Design, Marketing: decorative, for department members
  • Mentor: decorative, for mentors and alumni
  • Overseer: has administrative access to the server, for integration development (currently Mark, Caramida, Alex).

Making minutes

During each meeting, we write a short summary of what happened.

To start writing a minute, start typing in the #minute channel. You can add photos together with messages. The bot will convert your content into a nicely formatted wiki page.

If you want to exclude a message from the minute, you can either delete it or react with a red cross (:markno: emote).

When you write the first minute message, the bot will post a small list of useful commands (setting a minute title or cancelling it, for example).